Growing Russia Scandal Envelopes Jared Kushner

President's Right Hand Man Faces Further Legal Questions; Security Clearance in Peril?


Jeffrey Toobin: “In some respects, the person most exposed by the released e-mails is not Trump, Jr., but Jared Kushner, who continues to serve as a high-ranking White House adviser. More to the point, under penalty of law, Kushner filed an application to receive a security clearance, which was supposed to list all his foreign contacts. He did not initially disclose the June meeting, and congressional Democrats have been calling for his security clearance to be revoked.”

Then there is the matter of espionage, in which Trump associates could possibly have been victims as well as accomplices. Shortly after the election, Kushner, a novice in government, allegedly set up a back channel to communicate with the Russian government, using communication facilities operated by the Putin regime. At a minimum, this is deeply naïve on Kushner’s part; whether something more sinister was afoot is worthy of investigation.”

MORE: Trump’s Lawyers Want to Put Distance Between The President and Kushner on Russia (Source:

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