GAO: EPA Chief Scott Pruitt’s $43K ‘Cone of Silence’ Broke the Law

24-Hour Security, First Class Travel, Sweetheart Condo Deal From Lobbyist ...

Michael Coté/flickr

“A $43,000 soundproof telephone booth that Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt put in his office has caused federal watchdogs to speak up loudly,” according to NBC News.

“On Monday, the General Accountability Office sent an eight-page letter to Senate lawmakers reporting that the booth violated federal spending law that caps the amount a presidential appointee can spend on upgrading their office at $5,000 without notifying the appropriations committees in the Senate and House beforehand.”

“Pruitt has already come under fire from critics for his 24-hour security detail and first-class travel, both of which have been justified with security concerns.”

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