Fox News’ Shep Smith Tells Truth About Uranium One Deal; Viewers Can’t Handle It


“Fox News anchor Shepard Smith on Tuesday evening debunked what his own network has called the Hillary Clinton uranium scandal, sparking fury among some Fox viewers,” The Guardian reports.

“Smith said Donald Trump’s repeated accusations during the election campaign that Hillary Clinton smoothed a deal while she was secretary of state involving US uranium mining, Russia and the family’s charitable Clinton Foundation was ‘inaccurate in a number of ways.'”

“But a comprehensive unraveling of the accusations themselves via Fox News, albeit by an anchor who has balked before at the channel’s habit of stoking stories that bolster Trump and weaken Clinton, has shaken many in Fox’s loyal conservative audience.”

“‘Get Shepard Smith off of Fox. He’s arrogant and doing his own spin. Nobody knows how deep the left’s conspiracy goes and Shepherd Smith has ZERO inside info because nobody trusts him. OUT!’ one outraged Fox viewer posted on Twitter after the segment aired.”

“[Smith]  pointed out that the state department said Clinton did not intervene to approve the deal and, besides, did not have the power to approve or block the deal.
He added that none of the uranium mined in Wyoming by the Canadian company was exported to Russia, and the vast bulk of the donations to the Clinton Foundation were made by a man who had already sold his stake in the uranium company in 2007 – years before the Russian deal went through and about 18 months before Clinton became secretary of state.”

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