Failure to Plan Family Reunification Was A Plan to Fail

Trump Administration To Miss Court-Ordered Deadline To Return Kids They Took

CNN: “The family separations saga has revealed failures of governance, competence and humanity and made one thing clear: President Donald Trump doesn’t believe Harry S. Truman’s famous mantra, ‘The buck stops here.'”

“Far from wading into the fray to break up bureaucratic logjams and ease the human misery of separations, Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have gone back to using searing political rhetoric on immigration to shore up the political foundations of their White House.”

“On Friday, in the latest sign of disarray in the administration, officials admitted in court that they may miss a judge’s Tuesday deadline to reunite children under 5 with their parents. One of the complications is that officials are conducting DNA tests on children to ensure they are reunited with their own parents.”

“The administration has yet to tell Americans exactly how many kids are still in custody, how long they will remain split from their parents and when this grim chapter of modern political history will end.”


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