F.B.I. Deputy Director’s Departure Highlights Trump’s Insecurity

Petty. Vindictive. Trump.

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Vox: “FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is abruptly stepping down from the FBI amid pressure and after months of scathing attacks from President Trump and some of his political supporters. A new NBC News report reveals that Trump excoriated McCabe for subjects ranging from his wife’s politics to former FBI director James Comey’s plane trip home.”

“According to NBC:

Trump demanded to know why Comey was allowed to fly on an FBI plane after he had been fired… McCabe told the president he hadn’t been asked to authorize Comey’s flight, but if anyone had asked, he would have approved it, three people familiar with the call recounted to NBC News.”

“This answer apparently didn’t sit well with the president, as according to NBC, he went “silent for a moment” and then laid into McCabe, “suggesting he ask his wife how it feels to be a loser.” The dig was an apparent reference to his wife, Jill McCabe, and her failed Democratic campaign for Virginia state legislature in 2015″

The Atlantic: “Trump has repeatedly tweeted attacks on McCabe, a move unprecedented before Trump, and according to The Washington Post demanded to know for whom McCabe voted during a meeting in May 2017.”

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