Dems Put Forward Antidote and Alternatives to Trump

Tim Pierce/flickr

The New Yorker: “Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress have been aggressively rolling back regulations of all kinds. The effects of some of these changes may not be directly felt by the voting public for years, when a major health crisis, a financial collapse, or some other catastrophe suddenly arrives, but the risks are being created right now.”

“Let’s talk about real freedom,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) during a recent speech. “Done right, strong, clear regulations protect the freedom of every American…. Don’t tell me that all rules do is restrict freedom. Good rules empower people to live, work, and do business freely and safely.”

“Last month, Democrats unveiled a revised party platform that made fighting corruption a central part of their message. Warren’s proposals add specifics to that posture, and directly connect the idea of fighting corruption with pushing back against the Trump Administration’s deregulation work.”

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