Elizabeth Warren Makes Headway in Iowa

Ninian Reid/flickr

The Des Moines Register: “The overflow crowds and effusive responses to Elizabeth Warren’s public speeches in Iowa over the weekend said a few things about the mood of the state’s Democrats: They’re … hungry for someone with a bold message, and willing to speak unapologetic truth to power.”

“The Massachusetts senator has much going for her that excites Democrats.  She has a message and she’s not afraid to call out the problem, which she describes as the corruption of democracy by a system of legalized corporate bribery of politicians.”

“‘Whatever issue brought you here tonight, I guarantee it intersects with corruption in Washington,’ she said.”

“As part of this legalized bribery, oil companies block anti-climate change legislation, drug companies oppose lower drug prices, corporations in general oppose a higher minimum wage and the National Rifle Association blocks gun safety laws.”