Dozens In White House Lack Security Clearance

Trump's Incompetence In Choosing His Team Puts Nation At Risk

New York Magazine: “President Trump won the presidency, in part, by focusing (however disingenuously) like a laser on Hillary Clinton’s clumsy handling of classified information. But more than a year into his presidency, Trump employs dozens of people who lack full security clearances, yet have access to some of the nation’s most sensitive secrets.”

“CNN estimates the number of staffers who still haven’t received clearances at 30 to 40. The White House claims that the plethora of delays is par for the course, but several sources told the outlet that that it is, in fact, highly unusual.”

Vox: “Former White House staff secretary Rob Porter resigned last week following allegations that he physically abused two of his former wives. The Trump administration was made aware of these allegations weeks ago but decided to protect Porter even though his request for a security clearance was likely to be denied.”

“The Porter situation highlights a broader problem in Trump’s White House: Dozens of staffers, like Porter, are privy to sensitive materials like the president’s daily security briefings but have not been granted long-term access to classified information.”