Don’t Know Much About History…

Trump Accuses Canada Of Burning Down The White House And An Administration Spokesperson Uses D-Day As Exemplar Of U.S./Germany Relations

Wikimedia Commons

Zack Beauchamp: “The Trump administration is currently mired in two separate controversies involving insults to American allies. And both of them revolve around awkward historical references.”

“The first controversy was ignited by a phone call between President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in which Trump reportedly invoked the War of 1812 to suggest that Canada might be a national security threat. The second came from a fumbled question at a State Department press conference, in which spokesperson Heather Nauert tried to emphasize the deep ties between the US and Germany by referencing … the D-Day landings during World War II.”

“On their own, these two gaffes don’t amount to much. But they come at a time of mounting tension between the United States and its allies, due to Trump’s policies on issues like trade and Iran. For the first time in decades, some allies are asking fundamental questions — like whether they can count on the United States in a time of crisis.”

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