‘Department of Precrime’ No Longer Theoretical

Svenn Sivertssen/flickr

In an interview on This Week With George Stephanopoulos, White House Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller tried to defend the Deportation Forces that have sprung into action across the country, and their ability to predict the future.

Said Miller: “…the executive order gives ICE officers the power to prevent crime before it happens by removing people who pose a threat to public safety and a threat to national security.”

Following the Party playbook, Miller also falsely referenced terrorism six times in one sentence during the same interview: “We know there’s at least several dozen, perhaps many more than that, cases of terrorism from these countries that have happened in the United States in terms of terroristic plots, terroristic activity, material support for terrorism, supporting terrorism overseas, all different kinds of terroristic activity that’s been interdicted in the United States tracing back to these seven countries.”

Stephanopoulos shut Miller down in short order: “I would point out, your Justice Department lawyer wasn’t able to provide that evidence to the court.”

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