Comey to America: Your President is a Liar!

Former FBI Director's Much Anticipated Testimony Doesn't Disappoint

Former FBI Director, James Comey

“James Comey said Thursday that President Trump and his team smeared him with ‘lies,’ as he questioned Trump’s character and repeatedly suggested during stunning testimony that the President couldn’t be trusted to tell the truth,” the NY Daily News reports.

“Comey said his first meeting with Trump … left him believing the next commander-in-chief might have a tenuous relationship with the truth.”

Said Comey, “I was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting.”

 “He didn’t say what specifically caused him concern, but said he started keeping written records of all of his talks with Trump because of ‘the nature of the person that I was interacting with and my read of that person.'”

“In a remarkable 21/2 hours of testimony, Comey also suggested Attorney General Jeff Sessions might have more conflicts of interest in the Russia probe than what’s publicly known and that he believes Trump fired him to change the course of the Russia investigation.”

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