Comey Strikes A Nerve

Spencer Means/flickr

Time: “James Comey slammed President Donald Trump for saying on Twitter that he should be jailed for his actions as FBI Director, arguing that the American people are becoming dangerously numb to the President undermining the key tenets of the United States.

‘That is not normal that is not OK. First of all, he’s just making stuff up. Most importantly, the President of the United States is calling for the imprisonment of a private citizen as he’s done for a whole lot of people who criticize him. That is not acceptable in this country,’ Comey, whom Trump fired in May 2017, told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos Tuesday on Good Morning America.”

“On Sunday morning, just hours before Comey’s first interview with Stephanopoulos to discuss the book, Trump had tweeted the calls implying Comey should be jailed, arguing that he leaked classified information and lied to Congress, claims Comey said Trump was fabricating.”