CIA Analyst Resigns Rather Than Serve Under Trump

"I didn’t think I’d ever leave the CIA"

Central Intelligence Agency Memorial Wall

In a Washington Post Op-Ed, Edward Price, former Spokesperson for the National Security Council, after announcing his resignation, said “I cannot in good faith serve this administration as an intelligence professional.”

Price went on to detail his concerns about Republican President Donald Trump, calling his “actions in office…disturbing.”

“His visit to CIA headquarters on his first full day in office… was undone by his ego and bluster. Standing in front of a memorial to the CIA’s fallen officers, he seemed to be addressing the cameras and reporters in the room, rather than the agency personnel in front of them, bragging about his inauguration crowd the previous day.”

“The final straw came late last month, when the White House issued a directive reorganizing the National Security Council, on whose staff I served from 2014 until earlier this year. Missing from the NSC’s principals committee were the CIA director and the director of national intelligence. Added to the roster: the president’s chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, who cut his teeth as a media champion of white nationalism.”