Trump Lies

Mr. 3,000 (Lies)

May 4, 2018 theFAULT 0

CNN: “The Washington Post’s Fact-Checker blog has been keeping a strict count of President Donald Trump’s many misstatements, untruths and outright lies. And, over the weekend at a rally in Michigan, Trump hit a(nother) milestone: […]

Trump Lies

“Grounds For Impeachment”

January 28, 2018 theFAULT 0

“Former special counsel Ken Starr said on Sunday that there could be grounds for impeachment if President Trump was lying when he denied reports that he tried to fire special counsel Robert Mueller,” The Hill […]

Trump Lies

‘Chuck And Nancy’ Put Trump in Timeout

November 28, 2017 theFAULT 0

“Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer said they would boycott a meeting between congressional leaders and Donald Trump after the president said ‘I don’t see a deal’, suggesting he would not negotiate on spending, healthcare […]

Trump Lies

Kelly Drinks the Kool-Aid

October 20, 2017 theFAULT 0

“The controversy over President Trump’s call to the widow of fallen soldier Sgt. La David Johnson has consumed headlines this week, but White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, rather than quelling that controversy, fueled […]