Trump Slump

Sometimes Red is Just Red

June 21, 2017 theFAULT 0

As Republicans gloat in the wake of the latest House special elections, and Democrats, as is their wont, form a circular firing squad, it’s important to remember one thing: This is what was supposed to happen. The […]


White House Scales Back Press Access

June 21, 2017 theFAULT 0

“Over the course of the Trump administration, the White House’s daily press briefings have been pared progressively further back; they are now shorter, less frequent, and routinely held off-camera,” according to The Atlantic. “It feels […]

Wrecking Ball

Taking the Public Out of Public Education

June 20, 2017 theFAULT 0

“Education Secretary Betsy DeVos … wants to roll back protections for students caught up in for-profit school fraud and unfulfilled gainful employment promises. Scaled back protections of gay and transgender students. And like her boss, […]


VP Lawyers Up

June 16, 2017 theFAULT 0

“In public, Vice President Mike Pence has been among Donald Trump’s most unwavering, faithful defenders, offering reliably ingenuous support of the president in his pan-Midwestern monotone. “It is the greatest privilege of my life to […]