Arizona Teachers Win Latest Red State Victory

6 Day Walkout Ends With 20 percent raise

ThinkProgress: “Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) signed a portion of the budget bill that helps fund teacher raises on Thursday morning, after House lawmakers debated the bill into the early morning hours. Teachers watched the session all of Wednesday night and camped out outside the Capitol building.”

“Teachers will get an average raise of 9 percent and then 5 percent for the next two years. Teachers also won $400 million in education funding to partially make up for recession-era cuts, according to the Associated Press. Although the raises were lower than what teachers wanted, they are an improvement over the 1 percent raises Ducey originally proposed.”

“Democrats offered a number of amendments that were supported by teachers, such as limiting classroom size to 25 students and setting a maximum student-to-counselor ratio. Another amendment widened the definition of a teacher to include librarians and counselors. All of the Democrats’ amendments failed.”

MORE: Arizona teachers end walkout after governor signs off on 20 percent raise (Source: Chicago Tribune)

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