Another Billionaire, Another Russia Connection

Trump's Cabinet Keeps Getting Greener. And Redder.


Continuing a pattern, Republican President Donald Trump’s cabinet, in a 2-for-1, has gained a billionaire with Russian connections, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

“The Senate on Monday confirmed billionaire investor Wilbur Ross as commerce secretary as President Donald Trump adds to his economic team.”

“Mr. Ross has extensive ties to Russia,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). “He plans to keep making money from his major oil shipping companies while working as Commerce Secretary. He’s made billions off the backs of struggling home owners. He is practically a cartoon stereotype of a Wall Street fat cat.”

The Guardian: “The White House has been accused of withholding information from Congress about whether Donald Trump or any of his campaign affiliates have ever received loans from a bank in Cyprus that is partly owned by a close ally of Russian president Vladimir Putin.” Wilbur Ross “has served as vice-chairman of the Bank of Cyprus since 2014.”

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