A Tale of Two Trumps

From 'American Carnage' to 'Renewal of the American Spirit'

Dan Balz writes in The Washington Post, “The President Trump who spoke to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night bore only passing resemblance to the President Trump who spoke from the Capitol’s West Front on Inauguration Day.”

“In his inaugural address, Trump spoke of American carnage and as the tribune of the forgotten American….On Tuesday, he made repeated appeals for national unity and cross-party cooperation.”

“It is no longer a question of which is the real Donald Trump but more the question of whether he can build a successful presidency out of this split political personality.”

“In tone, he succeeded in offering an alternative to what many saw as the harshness of his inaugural address. In substance,…the speech went only a few steps beyond where he has been before.”

“Trump ran as a hard-liner. His sudden change of course and tone is a reminder of his unpredictability.”

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