(500) Days of Bummer

After Nearly a Year and a Half Of The Trump Administration, Hundreds of Key Government Jobs Remain Unfilled


CNBC: “On his 500th day in office, President Donald Trump tweeted a list of accomplishments that he said ‘many believe’ is longer than any other president.”

“One list that remains longer than most of his recent predecessors is the number of White House positions that remain unfilled.”

“After more than 16 months in office, the Trump administration has yet to fill hundreds of key jobs that require Senate confirmation. The delays are longer than for any of the last six administrations.

“Trump has complained bitterly about stonewalling by Democrats, who withheld support early on for many of the president’s Cabinet-level nominees.

“But Democrats in Congress say they can’t stall nominations that haven’t been made.

MORE: Trump brags of ‘500 days of greatness’ – but how do his boasts stack up? (Source: The Guardian)

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