109 Retired Admirals And Generals Oppose ‘Torture Queen’ Nomination To Head CIA

Torture, Human Right's Violations Cited

Human Rights First: “109 of the nation’s most respected retired generals and admirals today sent a letter to the Senate expressing profound concern over the nomination of Gina Haspel for Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, citing her involvement with torture and other unlawful abuse of detainees as well as the role she played in carrying out an order—against the objections of the White House and Congress—to destroy 92 videotapes of individuals in U.S. custody being subjected to torture.”

“The letter cites reports that Gina Haspel ran a CIA ‘black site’ at which at least one detainee, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, was repeatedly tortured, including by waterboarding. The letter also notes that former CIA general counsel John Rizzo has stated that for some period of time Haspel oversaw the CIA’s entire interrogation program—a program that was rife with mismanagement and abuse.

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